BFF Pet Care Services

Putnam County Pet Care is here for your peace of mind, with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Pet Care Technician. No kennels here! Your pet will enjoy the no stress environment of a quiet rural home.

Let`s face it. Leaving your pet is downright stressful.

Best Friends Forever Boarding Service is perfectly equipped to relieve stress and worry for you and your pet. We have what you want: a trusted, safe and comfortable home for your pet. Expect the best when you choose Putnam County Pet Care BFF Boarding Service. Your Certified Pet Care Technician knows dog body language, low stress handling techniques and Pet First Aid.

Putnam County Pet Care treats each pet as a unique individual with differing needs, so we tailor our services to suit your pet. Expect a safe, happy and no stress environment from your local animal behavior professional.

Say NO to kennels, stress and unprofessional pet care. Say YES to the best!


Call today to schedule a Meet and Greet at 386-666-1899
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BFF Drop off and Pickup Policies

Drop off and pick up are individually arranged by appointment for your convenience. However, we do request no drop off or pick up later than 5 P.M. and no earlier than 8 A.M. 

Call today for a Meet and Greet or ask about our services. Phone:386-666-1899

We look forward to meeting you soon!!!

BFF Pet Care Services.
Board & Train 

Leslie Clifton is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with years of experience. Her philosophy is to never do harm to an animal in the name of dog training. As such, training methods are force free, using positive reinforcement to reinforce desired behaviors. Leslie very much believes using latter methods enhance the dog-human relationship.  The professional affiliations of Leslie Clifton speak for themselves. Contact us to today to discuss our BFF pet care services.
Dog training services are available on a limited basis for Board & Train at our location.




BFF Pet Care Services.
Dog Classes

Stay tuned to this page for additions of classes this winter, Puppy Socialization and Nose Games.



Putnam County Pet Care Boarding Service                                                                                                                                                     $39.00

Your pet stays at our home and enjoys the comfort and environment of a private home and family. The rate covers a 24 hour period.

Boarding Service Extended Stay 7-Days + Package includes a 10% discount.                                                                                         $35.00

Boarding Service Extended Stay 14- Days + Package includes a 15% discount.                                                                                      $33.00

Holiday Surcharge: (Christmas – New Years – Thanksgiving – Labor Day – Memorial Day – Independence Day – Easter)          $10.00


Putnam County Pet Care Board & Train                                                                                                                                             $85.00 per day

Your dog stays in our home with a Certified Dog Trainer and will receive a minimum of 2 hours of training each day. The remainder of the time will be spent managing their new behaviors through interaction, play and enjoying a family environment.                                                                                                                             

      Please have dogs on leash when arriving on and leaving premises.                               

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