Putnam County Pet Care General Terms & Conditions


Boarding Reservation Policy

To reserve your boarding service, payment in full is due at time of reservation.
Service dates are not reserved until payment is received or other arraignments are agreed up by both parties.

Cancellation Policy

Service cancelled at least 8 days prior to boarding will receive a full refund.
Cancellation received 2-7 days prior to boarding will receive a 75% refund.
Cancellation received within 48 hours of boarding is not eligible for refund.

No refund if boarding is cancelled within 7 days of a national holiday.

Terms & Conditions

This agreement and any addendums attached constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. All terms and conditions of this agreement shall be binding to all Clients and Putnam County Pet Care & Dog Training, hereafter known as PCPC.

This pet boarding agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the local and State laws of Florida. Each party fully consents to the laws of said State and prior to any legal filings will mediate in good faith to resolve disputes.

If the pet becomes ill or if the state of the animal’s health otherwise requires attention, PCPC at its sole discretion, is authorized to engage the services of their local veterinarian to ensure pet is treated as quickly as possible. The pet owner agrees to reimburse PCPC for any and all costs and charges incurred for the veterinary services, up to the amount listed on veterinarian release form. Owner will pay all costs and charges for veterinary boarding services as needed in cases of emergency.

All PCPC services require that your pets are up to date on their vaccinations according to local and State requirements and based on recommendation of your veterinarian. This includes negative fecal tests.

The owner shall provide updated veterinary vaccination records  before boarding date.

The owner represents that the pet has not been exposed to rabies or distemper within 30 days prior to boarding.

The owner specifically represents that they lawfully own pets listed in this Pet Boarding Agreement to the best of their knowledge. Owner will be held solely responsible for any and all behavior including aggression that takes place during boarding.

PCPC shall void the contract if the pet poses a danger to itself, other pets or people. If same concerns prohibit care, the pet will be placed in a kennel. The owner shall authorize PCPC to do so. All ensuing charges will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

Owner understands that the pet shall not leave the boarding until all fees and charges are satisfied in full.

PCPC agrees to perform stated services in a reliable and trustworthy manner. The client waives all claims against PCPC, including those arising from negligence. The client also agrees to hold harmless PCPC against any future claims or actions against them by any person connected to my pets` service.

Any client concerns must be communicated to PCPC within 24 hours of pet return from a service.

This agreement is valid from the date signed and replaces any previous agreements. The client agrees to receive future changes from PCPC in writing, or posted under “Terms” on our website.

The owner states that they have read this entire agreement and completely comprehends and accepts the terms and limitations.

PCPC routinely uses photographs, video or digital recording in advertising and social media posts. The owner recognizes that all images and prints are the property and copyright of PCPC. As well, PCPC may utilize any and all images in all digital media, without compensation to myself. I waive my rights to any decision on use of images. I agree that I am at least 18 years old and acknowledge that these rights are binding and irrevocable.



By signing owner agrees to all terms and conditions listed in the pet boarding contract.

Owner Name._________________ Owners Signature._______________