Putnam County Pet Care & Dog Training Friends

Special Thanks

We owe our good friend Hilary Lane a huge debt of gratitude, for her wonderfully skilled editing contributions to this website. Hilary worked part-time as a journalist from 1973 – 2016. Thank you so much, Hilary!


Among other, Hilary co-founded the American Treiball Association with Diana Stearns. Both women are well known for their contributions to the world of force-free dog training.


Although no longer actively dog training, Hilary continues to maintain her FaceBook page Fang Shui Canines. At the present time, Hilary is a valued volunteer at Summit Dog Rescue in Colorado. We are proud to call Hilary our good friend.

Professional Organizations

The Pet Professional Guild www.petprofessionalguild.com

Central Florida Force Free Trainers http://www.forcefreeflorida.org/

Fear Free Happy Homes https://fearfreehappyhomes.com/


Central Florida Force Free Trainers http://www.forcefreeflorida.org/

Eva Noble, Orange Park FL http://www.wigglebuttsacademy.com/

Jen Higgins Nguy pupsgainesville.com

Puppy Bumpers www.PuppyBumpers.com

Sally Saxton OcalaDogRanch.com