Leslie Clifton CPDT-KA, PMCT, CPCT


Leslie and husband Argil very much enjoy life in rural Putnam County, with their Labrador Retriever, Shamu. The Cliftons moved from Maryland in July of 2015. Putnam County Pet Care is a recent business transition from DogSmith. For pet dog owners who want the best for their furry family members, choose Putnam County Pet Care. 

The focus of Putnam County Pet Care is providing professional care for Best Friends Forever (BFF) guests in a home environment. This niche business is very small scale, not your typical boarding kennel. Ideally, guest dogs share the same family space as the Cliftons and Shamu. As well as Certified Pet Care Technologist, Leslie is well educated in dog behavior and practiced as a Dog Behavior Consultant in Maryland. Your pet dog will be in the hands of an educated professional.




Leslie values the importance of ongoing education and believes that lifelong learning, for humans and dogs, is very important. Presently, Shamu Canine Good Citizen (CGC), is enrolled in beginning Nose Work, with goal being towards eventual competition.

Shamu CGC is very well adjusted to doggy guests in the home. He welcomes every opportunity to hang out and romp with new friends in the spacious shaded and securely fenced rural property. Leslie and Argil consider Shamu to be a valued business partner.

Occasionally, Leslie offers short term Board and Train as an option. As such, Leslie implements force free and positive reinforcement training to help pet dogs have the best possible dog-human relationship. Argil Clifton is well versed in the business philosophy and an equal partner in caring for Shamu. Argil cares for BFF guest dogs under direction of Leslie, as to their specific needs.

The Cliftons and Shamu operate as a team to give your pet dog the best possible experience in their home.

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